Oil Painting Reproductions
your best alternative to a real Van Gogh

Apart from the artists’ skill, there are more ways to control quality:

· The picture you use as an example.
We don’t use pictures from the internet or from cheap art books as the example. We have gathered beautiful museum photos that perfectly show each brush stroke. Only then can we bring the detail, colour and even the atmosphere of the original artwork back to life.

· Size.
Each painting is painted in its original size or in a larger version with the same proportions. Cutting the original, filling in parts, or even worse -deforming- is no option.

· Style.
Monet himself would not be able to copy his own paintings! Only with a clear technique, like Van Gogh’s, is it possible to build up the original, brush stroke by brush stroke, in the style of the old Dutch Master.

Nothing could surprise us anymore! Judge for yourself: